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First of all, let me thank you for your knowledge, expertise and patience. You made the process of buying a home easier. I overwhelmed you with many questions, however, all were answered.

I will definitely recommend you to my family and friends.

Again, thank you.

I wanted to take the time to thank you for your assistance in determining whether or not the house my wife and I were considering was worth the effort. Your professionalism and sincerity is unique and was greatly appreciated. People don't realize how stressful the process of buying a home can be but you made this process more enjoyable and worthwhile. You had the patience to answer all our questions and your assessment was right on target. As a result of your careful evaluation, we were able to negotiate the price of the house to one that was very beneficial to us. Linda and I had reservations about paying for the house to be inspected but after working with you, we would gladly pay twice the amount to have you inspect our next home, hopefully many years from now.

Once again, thank you for being sincere, having the patience and saving us money in the long run. I have already referred a couple of friends to you and I am sure that they will also be pleased.

Edward Somenti

Rudy Sapp has been a great asset to our community and has been teaching as well as inspecting which shows who he works for. Thanks to Rudy our community has been able to get inspections done at a good rate with great inspection, he has also helped the Spanish population by explaining in Spanish the full inspection so they are aware of what is going on with the home they are planning to purchase. Rudy makes sure you fully understand what you are getting yourself into when you are going to purchase your home. We say Thank you to Rudy for being a great inspector and a supporter of this community.

Maria Maldonado, Home HeadQuarter Bilingual Housing counselor.

I had a great experience when I bought my home with Gallinger Real Estate and my realtor highly recommend me to Rudy Sapp at Safe Home Inspection. Rudy took the time to show me everything I needed to know about the house. He also was extremely thorough with his inspection and best of all he did a great job at a very affordable price!

James Lucas

I wish to thank you so very much for attending the Fleming Wellness and Home Safety event on April 21. Your home safety presentation was excellent and I have only heard raves about the various items that you covered. Lay people really know little about the electrical items and your discussion was most helpful.

Again, thank you for your wonderful contribution.
Sheila S. Tucker

Health Fair alerts residents to dangers
Jennifer Hogan, Special to The Citizen

FLEMING - Many people don't realize that a simple piece of cheap costume jewelry can be a cause of lead poisoning. Or that self closing hinges on a garage door can actually help to prevent serious harm or even death.

It was things of this nature that residents of Fleming learned during the Health and Safety Fair help at the Fleming Fire Departmnet Station 2 Saturday afternoon.

The newly formed Flaming Improvement Foundation, in collaboration with the Cayuga County Health Department, hopes to bring the event to become an annual celebration of health and safety to their community.

"It takes three minutes for carbon monoxide to cause sleep and five minutes for it to cause death," said Ruday Sapp, a New York state certified home inspector, who counseled interested people on ways to prevent poisioning by carbon monoxide, radon and electrical fires to homes. "A carbon monoxide detector should be just as important aas a smoke detector."

Sapp also said that radon testing should be done in a home at least once every two years, and even as frequent as six months for homes that have previously been found to contain radon.

"Self-closing hinges on garage doors can help to keep dangerous carbon monoxide out of the house," he said. When cars are left warming up outside, fumes can still build up inside.

"Believe it or not, I have known people to be killed by the poison from open garage doors."

Sapp suggested that a card should never be running in the garage and said that many people do not realize that the gasses can leak into the house through open doors.

Cayuga County public health nurse Lisa Donalds said that although much has been done to inform people of the dangers of lead poisoning, it is still a common occurrence.

"It has been linked to so much more than just lead-based paint," she said. "Lead poisioning can occur from some of the cheaper costume jewelry."

Donalds said that costume jewelry found at discount stores are sometimes recalled "almost on a daily basis."

"Other countries do not have safety laws in place for lead-based products," she said. "Your best bet is to only buy Amaerica-made where there are laws in effect."

On-site testing for things such as high-blood pressure and diabetes were part of the day's activities, as well as information on what to expect when and if the need arises to employ the use of emergency medical services.